The Most Common Mistakes Made When Renovating

October 10, 2023

It’s safe to say that the Covid pandemic has consumed our lives throughout 2020 and 2021.

The way in which we use our home has taken a complete flip.

Renovating… we often think it’s going to be an inspiring, instagram worthy journey – however, reality can sometimes kick us in the face quicker than we expect. Build mistakes, the wrong material order gets put through, timeframe extensions and budget explosions – this is something many people experience when they begin their renovation journey. We hope, that through this blog you’re able to avoid some of these mishaps and reduce the “what not to do” stories that follow the completion of your renovation.

1. Having a budget, but not sticking to it.

Sometimes (well all the time), its easy to go into a store, get overwhelmed and excited about the possibilities ahead of you and spend outside your budget or means. We want to avoid this, why? It ensures you will be happy with the outcome because you’ve stuck within the constraints of what you originally found fair and reasonable – removing any guilt or financial pressure at the end.

How can we avoid going over budget? Don’t make any material commitments until you’ve designed the project as a whole. When looking at a renovation, it’s important to sit down with a designer to look at the entire scope- they will be able to guide you on big ticket items, how to allocate funds and where you can save. If at the end of the design process you are unhappy with the project total, your designer can help reduce costs in areas to find you your happy medium.

2. Unrealistic timeframes

Expecting things by tomorrow is an unrealistic approach to renovating. It’s important to understand the construction climate during the time you’re renovating. Playing the long game allows you to plan correctly, which in return avoids construction mistakes and allows the builder to schedule properly ensuring things happen on time. We can promise you, taking your time will give you a more positive renovation experience.

3. Getting too much advice and then no advice at all

Advice is great, because it can provide reassurance and perspective – however, too much advice can cause confusion and the inability to make decisions. When in the planning stages of your renovation, try not to include too many friends, professionals, and family members. Incorporate a team member in your renovation, that’s trustworthy, aligns with your values and provides objectivity. This removes the overwhelming process of deciphering too many perspectives and approaches, helping you get positive confirmation in your selections.

We hope that these tips help you as your move towards your renovation – remember, we’re always here to help.