Good Design And Good Food In Melbourne?

October 20, 2023

Melbourne is famous for its eclectic mix of cultures and vibrant artistic scene. So, it’s no surprise that interior design in Melbourne is a booming industry. From chic minimalism to bold and colourful designs, Melbourne has it all, I would say that in this area, Melbourne doesn’t exclude. You can truly find every kind of style mixing through Melbourne’s culture. So, we thought why not, take a look at some of the key trends happening in this wonderful city we call home.

One of the most popular styles in Melbourne’s interior design scene is minimalist design. This style is characterised by clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and a focus on functionality. It’s all about creating a space that is calm, uncluttered, and efficient. Melbourne is a city that’s always on the go, and minimalist design is perfect for those who want a space that supports their busy lifestyle. Where do we see this predominantly? Our cafes. Melbourne went through a strong phase where our cafes adopted the minimalist trend and created these clean pure spaces and let their artistic brunches bring colour and character to the space. If you want to see this in Action, head to No.19 in Ascot Vale – It’s the perfect example of a space that allows its trade art take the stage whilst the physical space is minimalist and uncluttered.

Another popular trend in Melbourne interior design is the use of natural materials. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, designers are incorporating materials like wood, stone, and bamboo into their designs. These natural materials add warmth and texture to a space, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. If you want to experience this first hand, head to The little green obsession in Richmond.

Colour is a key element of interior design in Melbourne. While minimalist design tends to favour neutral colours like whites and beige tones there are plenty of designers who are embracing bold colours and patterns. Melbourne is a city with a vibrant artistic scene, and this is reflected in the use of colour in interior design. We don’t just see this in Interiors like Yokimono’s Japanese restaurant but also in all the street art we see imprinted on our architecture throughout the city.

When it comes to furniture, Melbourne designers are embracing a mix of vintage and modern styles. Mid-century modern furniture is particularly popular, with its sleek lines and retro charm. Mixing vintage pieces with modern designs creates a unique and eclectic look that is distinctly Melbourne. I think a perfect example of this features in Melbourne’s newly renovated Hotel Esplanade. Do yourself a favour if you’re in the St Kilda area and pop in just to use their bathrooms.

With Melbourne’s more common grey skies, we find lighting is a really important element of Interior Design. Lighting can really dictate the mood and atmosphere of a space. If you want to see how an Interior Designer has used lighting to influence how someone feels in a space, head to Bar Curious in the city and just let their lighting techniques soak in.
So where have we really landed on interior design in Melbourne? I think it’s safe to say it’s a dynamic and exciting industry, with so much to offer and a style for everyone (and I really mean that). Melbourne really pushes the boundaries of how we interpret interior design and I think we’ve truly seen that in a lot of our hospitality spaces throughout out city.

If you’re renovating this year, can I seriously advise you take some time to explore our cities restaurants. You get a nice night out and I can guarantee you will get some inspiration.
This is something I personally find really helpful, so if you need some recommendations on where to eat to get good food and design, you know where to find me. X