Malvern East

Kitchen-Bathroom-Living- Laundry

Ash was a great help to us when renovating, - esp. in selecting our colours, our kitchen top (which I just adore) and handles just to name a few. Ash reviewed our kitchen and cabinetry design and our electrical plans. We love our home and how we feel in it. If you're looking for someone who speaks plainly about design and layout and helps cut through the many choices out there, then I highly recommend Tove designs. Thanks Ash and team.

Dina Theodoropoulos
Malvern East




Malvern East

This remarkable renovation, led by our expert Interior Designer in Malvern East, has transformed our client's residence into their long-awaited dream home. In pursuit of a blend of functionality and aesthetics, our clients embarked on an extensive journey to enhance their family home, culminating in a stunning result.

During the pivotal construction phase of their home extension project, these clients sought the expertise of Tove to navigate the complexities of their decision-making process. Given the ongoing construction, it was important for Tove to remain well-versed in product availability to ensure our design proposals were not only aligned with the clients' preferences but could also be produced within the desired timeframe.


In-depth discussions with our clients consistently underscored two fundamental aspirations for their brief: serenity and freshness.
Tove, the Interior Designer in Malvern East, promptly translated these objectives into a spectrum of design concepts. An essential goal in this creative process was to come up with a vision that seamlessly matched their current design style whilst producing a timeless home. The bathrooms underwent a significant transformation, we proceeded with a textured subway tile that aligned with their brief to create a calming impression. The inclusion of timber elements and soft terrazzo further contributed to a warm atmosphere. Meanwhile, the kitchen was meticulously designed to cater to the clients' functional requirements and culinary preferences. The importance of creating a space that not only produces visual charm but also offers an enjoyable user experience was extremely important.

Tove attended to the cabinetry design, while incorporating the clients' input into the design which resulted in accent timber shelves and a soft benchtop. To complement the subway tiles, our proposal introduced elegantly crafted handles in both the kitchen and laundry areas, their organic aesthetic reinforced the underlying theme of serenity and freshness. These exquisite design elements were thoughtfully integrated throughout the Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry, and home robes, collectively culminating in a property that our clients now proudly call their cherished home!