Bathroom Renovation



Our client had a vision for their bathroom renovation: a seamless fusion of modern functionality with Victorian charm. Originally, the space combined a bathroom and laundry, featuring a clawfoot bath and a small corner vanity. Our goal? To divide these areas while honouring the home's architectural heritage. Drawing inspiration from existing archways, we crafted an arched entrance that elegantly introduces the vanity.

The once small vanity now offers ample bench space and storage, tailored to the client's needs. With the bath removed, a luxurious walk-in shower takes centre stage, adorned with marble stone walls and classic subway tiles, paying homage to the home's past. Behind the bathroom's entrance, discreet storage units house the Euro-laundry facilities, seamlessly merging practicality with aesthetics.

This transformed bathroom embodies our dedication to marrying functionality and timeless elegance, ensuring every moment within its walls is truly sublime.