Draftsman Hawthorn Kitchen






We are really looking forward to seeing this house become our clients dream home.

Nestled in the charming suburb of Hawthorn, this residence is the cherished house of a family of four, soon to be five. As their family expanded, so did their aspirations for a home that harmoniously blends practicality and aesthetics. Enter Tove Interiors
Originally designed by an architect in the late '90s, this home boasted an array of unique features, including angled walls and distinctive windows. While the existing design was beautiful, it no longer aligned with the needs of the new owners. Our mission was clear: to reconfigure the home's layout, enhance functionality, and revitalise its kitchen living and dining to reflect our clients style.

During the course of understanding our clients brief, we designed the kitchen, dining, and living spaces into a warm and inviting haven for entertaining. By introducing a more intuitive flow within the kitchen and connecting it to the living area, we succeeded in making the entire rear of the house feel open and welcoming. This was achieved by reimagining the existing U-shaped kitchen into an L-shaped design with the addition of a central island, optimising the available space.

Recognising the importance of storage in a home of this size, we integrated bench seating into the dining area, effectively saving space while catering to the family's functional requirements.

The design of the new fireplace paired with bi-fold doors in the living room, served to seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoors, fostering a delightful connection with the natural environment.

As the finishing touches are put in place, we eagerly anticipate seeing this house become a home!