Welcome to our Interior Design case study featuring a charming home nestled in vibrant Brunswick. This beloved abode, cherished by a family of four, has flourished through the years. Yet, the heart of the home, the kitchen and bathroom, was in need of a fresh outlook and design.

Fifteen years ago, a bathroom renovation melded the once separate spaces (toilet and bathroom) into one bathroom that included the toilet, catering to the needs of young children. However, as the family evolved, so did their requirements. Recognising the necessity for a dedicated powder room, we embarked on a transformative journey.

Our redesign endeavoured to enhance daily living, crafting distinct zones for lifestyle convenience. A rejuvenated bathroom included a separate powder room, fostering functional flow. A centrepiece skylight frames a large, enclosed shower, infusing each moment with tranquil illumination. Accompanied by a generous vanity and Euro-laundry, this space provides both the clients style and utility, designed to fulfill the next30 year in this home.

Meanwhile, the quaint kitchen was in need of a refresh to reflect our clients changing style and meeting the required functionality that this family needed. Leveraging innovative storage solutions such as sink drawers and kicker storage drawers, we maximised every inch, seamlessly integrating form with function.

Guided by the vision of freshness and airiness, our design ethos harmoniously marries white-toned cabinetry with warm wooden accents. A textured subway tile lends a tactile allure, evoking a sense of cozy homeliness, fulfilling our clients' aspirations for a space that exudes timeless charm.

Discover how our meticulous craftsmanship transforms houses into homes, where every corner reflects the essence of familial bliss and enduring elegance. Welcome to a world where design meets function, curated exclusively for our clients.