Full new build

8 Months
1.8 Million


Embark on a journey through our latest project, a breathtaking New Build envisioned as the quintessential forever home for a family of four. Collaborating closely with our clients, we've curated a residence that seamlessly merges familial warmth with architectural design.

As a family that entertain regularly we always had that at the forefront of our design concepts. This is why when you step into the foyer, you are welcomed by steel-framed windows that frame picturesque views that occupy our clients land, complemented by a fireplace which was designed to exude elegance through meticulous detailing.

Venturing into the open living area you can’t help but notice the gable ceiling and slatted feature wall, uniting the bar and kitchen areas in a symphony of curves and sharp tones. Each space is meticulously crafted to create a unique atmosphere and reflect our clients unique style. Our clients wanted to create a point of difference in the kitchen which is where the concept of a split island began. We then took it a step further and created these stunning curves at the end of each split to reference the other curves we created through the arch and fireplace.

Experience tranquillity in the Main Bathroom, where curves intertwine with sleek sophistication across three distinct zones. Floor-to-ceiling windows beckon nature into the shower room, transforming your shower into a moment of indulgence and connecting the external with internal elements.

Journey to the ensuite, a sanctuary cantered around a freestanding tub, framed by steel doors and panoramic views of the natural surroundings. Here, luxury converges with hotel-inspired opulence, offering a refuge for the parents retreat.

Explore the unexpected in our innovative laundry design, featuring a central island and ample storage, seamlessly integrated into the home's architectural narrative. Leading from the laundry is a glass hallway, a striking testament to the home's external allure which takes you through to the bespoke gym and sauna area.

Prepare for a surprise in the main powder room, where monochromatic elegance reigns supreme, inviting guests into a realm of refined sophistication that stands on its own design from the rest of the home.

These are just a few of the spaces we designed for this beautiful home and we can’t wait to begin construction and see these designs come to life!